The Forex market has become the most traded financial market in the world with more than $5 trillion dollars traded every day. Of course, new traders are ready to pounce on this easily accessible market in hopes of overnight success, but unfortunately many traders end up having the opposite affects on their account. Fortunately, forex signals allow these new traders to gain insight from traders who have real experience in the forex market, and can have trading ideas sent straight to their phones. The development of the forex signals market has become a great tool for traders at all stages of their forex journey to learn more and be confident when making trades.

However, over the years, the forex signal market has been frowned upon due to many impressionable new traders being taken advantage of by forex "gurus", who claim they can show the pathway to overnight success. New forex traders have a hard time distinguishing between real and fake when they are bombarded with Instagram ads and "profit", screenshots from someone's MetaTrader4 app. The forex signal community was in need of desperate change, and that's exactly what ForexSwingers set out to do.

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