Begin with a live trading account minimal capital required for training package
Receive professional training and coaching
High trader payouts during the first three months trial programme period.
Gain company capital – while not requiring you to provide your own trading capital
No desk fees, monthly fees, or expensive commissions!
Career advancement!

With our education programme, online collaboration tools, automated Trade Plans and Trade Journals, we stay dedicated to providing our traders with modeled strategies and techniques.

Our proprietary trading firm provides our traders with a systematic approach through our comprehensive software.

At Bluepoint, traders accrue profits through a back-tested quantitative strategy, and upon completion of the training program, traders are immediately allocated a portion of the firm’s capital to begin or advance in their career as a trader.

Traders will be expected to analyze, model, and develop trading strategies on trading system improvements. However, our system manages actual positions, risk and lot sizes via our trade-copy algorithms.

Qualified candidates must demonstrate:
Strong knowledge of Excel, emphasized on research, back-testing, optimization and execution, and your drive to enter a fast-paced environment.
Strong self-motivated entrepreneurial skills.
Ability to work independently or in a team atmosphere.
Ability to quickly calculate odds.
Excel at multitasking in a fast-paced, high-stress environment.
Interest in financial markets (Equities).
Education Required - Bachelor's Degree, College Diploma or background in Finance
Strong level of computer competency. Must work well under pressure and quickly adapt to changing situations
Strong mathematical, analytical and problem-solving skills, and must be able to demonstrate intelligence, competitiveness, focus and attention to detail.  
Professional attitude.
Experience Required - Less than 1 Year
We prefer full time but part-time may be an option as well

Bluepoint Traders will receive:
Training and Mentorship program.
Leveraged buying power (Subject to trading history and risk management).
Remote trading available through dedicated SSL lines that deliver high-quality speed and execution.
Pre-trade and Post-trade analytical tools.
Competitive clearing and commission rates.
Technical and administrative support.
Ultra-fast direct connectivity to exchanges, ECNs, ATSs, and dark pools.
Growth Opportunities available.

Although we welcome all of our new applicants, at Bluepoint Trading, we are highly interested in candidates who have a strong passion for intra-day trading with high rate trading strategy's who are ready to join our vigorous training program while receiving the necessary education and mentoring needed to paramount as a trader while profiting on an intra-day basis.  

Please visit our website: http://www.blue-point-trading.com/ontario