Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, Inc. ("FSO") has been sending monthly "We Care" packages to our troops serving overseas since October 2003, covering all world theaters and all branches of the military.

To date, FSO has benefited over 250,000 of our military personnel.  Our mission is to reach out to those who do not receive support from the home front and send "that little bit of home" to assure they are not forgotten.  

We are a National tax exempt 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization based out of Lake Worth, Florida.    

FSO is always in the need for care package items, letters of encouragement and monetary donations to assist with the shipping and related operation costs.  

We take pride as an outreach, obtaining community support from businesses, schools, religious houses, stores, restaurants, municipalities, organizations, national corporations and individuals throughout the United States of America.  FSO takes pride in educating the public of the military and to bring awareness of our mission and the importance of sending "encouragement and morale boosts" to our military serving our country overseas.  

Fundraisers and events are held throughout the year, and at the very minimum every month to help us achieve our monthly goals.  FSO sends out anywhere between 300-800 "We Care" packages, benefiting approximately 1800+ in any given month.

We have recently implemented a Troop It Forward program, in which all of our "We Care" packages include a smaller box that is to be provided to someone at mail call that did not receive anything at all.  

The feedback we receive from many of our recipients is what keeps our mission alive.  Now more than ever, our Armed Forces need that extra morale boost, especially those who have served multiple deployments, and even more so, those who don't receive anything at mail call from the homefront.  We are there to serve those who serve us

All of our "We Care" packages include the staple items, coffee, Girl Scout Cookies and letters of encouragement, this is in addition to all the luxury items of slim jims, beef jerky, playing cards, snack foods, protein foods, socks, toieltries, sunblock, lip balm, etc., and also much needed items and requested items.  We are proud to say that the Girl Scout Council of Southeast Florida and Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida have been partners with FSO over the last few years, and that we are one of the few organizations/venues that receive thousands of cases of Girl Scout Cookies from them to distribute in our care packages to our servicemen and servicewomen serving overseas.

For more information on Forgotten Soldiers Outreach, Inc, we invite people to peruse our website.