forHuntersbyHunters.com is a venue for outdoors enthusiasts to share their opinions, read interesting outdoors news and events that affect today’s outdoor lifestyle. This is a place for outdoors men and women to voice their opinion and utilize the website and forums as tools to share their experiences and be entertained as well. 4HxH is about the preservation of the outdoors and outdoors sports, to support women and youth as well as established sportsmen in a lifestyle that is continually under pressure. We perceive ourselves as politically correct and so we strive to support and represent our kind by blending new technology with the oldest hobbies of our species. The idea behind forhuntersbyhunters is to share information and personal experiences to keep the outdoor sporting traditions alive in our ever evolving world. Today’s television shows, hunting celebrities and most other outdoor websites paint an unrealistic picture of the sport by portraying a false reality with genetically enhanced deer, bottomless bank account hunting safaris and sporting goods that are marketed to the hunter not necessarily being beneficial for hunting. By our namesake we are on a never ending mission to give you a glimpse of what we learn, see and do by keeping it real. We are human, make mistakes and miss just like you. This is an integral part of the sport that is missing for many today. We are here to put it back in for you, from us. Share your story, video and photos with us and the outdoors world by emailing contact@forhuntersbyhunters.com