Fort Myer Construction Corporation is a leading contractor in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, focusing on an array of infrastructure construction disciplines. Located in the D.C. Metropolitan area, Fort Myer is uniquely organized to be responsive to the infrastructure needs of its clients due to the resources and relationships it has developed over its many years as a D.C. based business.

Founded in 1972 as a small masonry and concrete contractor, the firm has grown to more than 600 craftsman supported by an administrative staff, including project managers, professional engineers, estimators, and a fully staffed safety department. Its fleet includes more than several hundred pieces of equipment including tandem dump trucks, pavers, milling machines, backhoes, dozers, motor graders, as well as numerous loaders and cranes.

Fort Myer owns and operates multiple asphalt plants, offering customers various federal and state approved mixes. Fort Myer’s plants service the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. area with several hundred thousand tons of asphalt material annually.

Fort Myer typically self-performs critical work items including earthwork, excavation, concrete & asphalt paving, site development, foundations and structures. By self-performing much of this work, Fort Myer provides clients with cost and scheduling savings.

Fort Myer has received many awards for its outstanding record of construction safety. This distinction not only rewards it for its continuing corporate focus on professionalism and safety throughout the Company, but it spotlights Fort Myer as a company that protects its workers, the workers of other companies, as well as the general public.

The cornerstones of Fort Myer’s success continue to sustain its growth: quality workmanship based on skills and expertise of an international staff committed to excellence; reliability in completing projects in a timely manner; flexibility in working as part of the client's team; financial strength to provide the needed resources for each job; and strong, professional management. These assets have made Fort Myer a formidable participant in development and construction for over 40 years.