Fortress Of Faiax is a project by vocalist and composer Byron John Nikolouzos. With a name derived from antiquity and an arsenal of deeply personal compositions, Byron seeks to redefine the genres of Baroque Pop and Electronische Musik.

“I wanted to differentiate this project from anything I’d previously done, so that I could have the creative freedom to experiment and draw on the various musical influences I’ve had throughout my life”, explains Byron. “I chose the name Fortress Of Faiax because I wanted a name that would be intriguing and carry a certain gravitas while still being personal to me.” The name Faiax is inspired by Byron’s home town of Corfu, described by the ancient poet Homer as the island of the Phaeacians.  

Byron’s unique and unmistakable vocal style shines through on every track. Always greatly expressive, Byron’s voice is at times tender and at times visceral, conveying a sense of drama and urgency. Complex harmonies elevate each composition, creating multi-layered vocal landscapes that showcase Byron’s vocal abilities and musicality.

Lyrically Byron is at his most creative, offering us haunting explorations of themes such as loss, loyalty and the search for one’s own identity. “With this project I didn’t have a particular concept or message in mind. I just being wanted to be honest - and maybe sometimes I was too honest. But if you want to create something beautiful you’ve got to be prepared to take risks.”  

Acoustic piano features heavily throughout the Faiax Project: “I always prefer to write with the help of a piano; no synths or beats as they sometimes end up detracting from the song rather than adding to it. The most important elements to me are always the lyrics and the melody so they should be allowed to shine through”.

Occasional electronic elements, such as vintage synth samples and 808 beats, pay homage to the pioneers of early electronic music. “Composers like Vangelis and Jean Michel Jarre were such an inspiration to me growing up in the 80’s. It’s definitely thanks to them that I became interested in synthesizers and all the other technology used to make music”.

Fortress Of Faiax is a labour of love by a musician at his most creative, unafraid to take risks.