Forty or So is a lifestyle and social networking website for professional women and a publisher of books, illustrations, articles, videos and other original content related to career women.  Forty (or So) was founded by two 37 year old professional women to fill the void of real people on so-called reality TV.  Feeling that the Housewives, NBA girlfriends and other caricatures on “reality TV” resemble no one any sane professional woman ever has met, they decided to develop an online community where accomplished women at or near age 40 could interact and discuss issues like beauty, aging, fertility, family, dating, careers and remaining “Forever Fun” throughout all of life’s changes.

The initial concept to which the site continues to adhere is as follows:

Have you been watching these “reality” shows featuring real life Desperate Housewives® or drop dead gorgeous 20 something women dating NBA stars?  The only people with that “reality” are the ones on those TV shows.  The rest of us can try to escape our reality by watching theirs or we can get busy enjoying our own lives.

If you are a single woman born in the late 1960s or early 70s, your reality probably sounds something like this: you’re a college educated, professionally accomplished, attractive, and truly interesting woman.  You’ve traveled around the world, have a golf handicap of 12, speak a foreign language, and can pair wines with a meal you made from scratch. You may also be childless and have never been married. You made your career and personal development a priority, and you may be wondering whether that was a mistake. You also may be feeling that you are now truly at a point where you have something meaningful to offer a child, a man and the world.  But does the world want what you have to offer?

Well, we don’t know the answer. But while we find out, we won’t be wasting any time watching a kid with a learner’s permit drive a Bentley given to him by a parent who is one cold beverage away from a stint in rehab.  Whether you are knocking on 40’s door or have already walked through it, this is the place to chronicle your choices, passions, fears, thoughts . . . and share them with others who are like you. Join the cast and become one of the featured bloggers for the site!