Every once in a while emerges a technology company that is able to find simple solutions to daunting technical hurdles and empowering the customers in the Embedded space, and go on to become their dependable design partner.

FOSSILSHALE is one such emerging organization.

FOSSILs are examples of nature's creativity and SHALEs have been nature’s choice for embedding its creations so that they withstand the time and natural challenges. Our Vision is derived from this art of embedding, to become the natural choice as partners to our customers, to embed their solutions that withstand the challenges of time and technology.

Founded in 2008 by a team of tech-savvy embedded professionals with a vision of becoming the best embedded solutions provider to the industry, FossilShale has successfully emerged as a DEPENDABLE PARTNER to its customers in Embedded Systems. Over the years, we have worked with diverse set of customers across the globe meeting their quality compliance expectations and have gained enormous knowledge and expertise on various Process methodologies.

With, a deep technical know-how in the field of embedded systems, and a strong belief that Simple Solutions for complex problems are the most reliable and effective way, FossilShale has enabled its customers to take their Concepts to Production in the most Innovative & Cost effective manner.

FossilShale believes in the fact that challenges indicate a need to innovate and Innovations paired with high quality and ethical business practices leads to growth. This has enabled FossilShale and its customers to be ahead of their competition and to define new markets with new products.

System Design
System Architecture
Hardware Design & Schematics Capture
Multi Layer PCB CAD Design
Signal Integrity & Reliability Analysis
System Prototyping
Electrical Bring-up
Manufacturing Testbench
Pre-Production & Production volume manufacturing support
Product Re-engineering & Support