Jessica Timberlake founded Found Details photography in 2014, blending her decade of experience operating luxury spas with her lifetime passion for photography. Timberlake’s unparalleled knowledge of wellness, spa, and the power of the human experience is translates into art that soothes, relaxes, and heals. Featured in award-winning spas, international galleries, and private collections worldwide, Timberlake’s art represents more than just beauty... Timberlake’s art creates Visual Wellness through color therapy, mood therapy, Chakra balance and Elemental balance.
Timberlake also provides photography services for spas, resorts, product lines, events, and head shots. Each photo shoot is uniquely designed by Timberlake to connect with her eye for the details and incorporate art and wellness into the overall theme.
With Timberlake's years of experience in the hospitality industry, she travels worldwide to create art and product photo shoots. Timberlake currently resides in both Vancouver, British Columbia and Temecula, California.