GOLSOL - Goodness of life and survival of the living - A new world order for propagation of good over evil and the practicability of Paradise on earth through GOLSOL doctrine in LOVE and CARE. We defined "PARADISE as living together in peace and harmony, sharing all things in love and sincerity and absolutely caring for one another in all ramification." This is the new world order. A believe that accommodates all religion, race, culture, color, nationality and sexuality. It is meant for all. PRACTICE THE GOLSOL PARADISE ON EARTH WITH US.

This Way of life is rooted in the principle of LOVE and CARE.

Golsol as a universal way of life is meant for the benefit of the living regardless of culture, race, sex, religion, nationality and sexuality. Golsol is basically rooted in “LOVE and CARING”. Golsol is for good living and eradication of evil. Believers in Golsol must be against all acts of intentional or unintentional wickedness and deprivation, Oppression and neglect, hatred and jealousy, anger and envy. The Golden Rule of “Do unto others what you want other do to you” and “love your neighbor as yourself” is absolutely accepted in Golsol.

Good and Evil:

In religion, ethics, and philosophy, the dichotomy "good and evil" refers to the location on a linear spectrum of objects, desires, or behaviors, the good direction being morally positive, and the evil direction morally negative. Good is a broad concept but it typically deals with an association with life, charity, continuity, happiness, love, and prosperity. Evil is typically associated with conscious and deliberate wrongdoing, discrimination designed to harm others, humiliation of people designed to diminish their psychological needs and dignity, destructiveness, and acts of unnecessary and/or indiscriminate violence that are not legitimate acts of self-defense but aggressive and designed to cause ill-being to others. The good and evil of a context represents a personal or subjective judgment, a societal norm, or either claim to an absolute value related to the human nature or transcendent religious standard for that context. Good also stands for purity of the heart and Mind and soul and Evil stands for demonic possession and intentional wickedness.

Living in peace and harmony with one another comes from caring for each other. If you care and love you fellow living, you will surely not harm or hurt them. Not discriminative against any religion, race, color, sex and nationality, not jealous or envious of another person is a law in Golsol. Committing of suicide is absolutely an abomination in Golsol.

Golsol is strongly against any form of inhumanity and destruction to life and property for any reason.Golsol as a way of life is for the encouragement of progress, moderation in life and general life endeavors, emancipation of the suffering masses, upliftment of good ethical moral standard and perfection of natural evaluations. This is to encourage believers in Golsol to be people who will always make a difference in life by doing just only what is good to all at all time. It is a process for the paradise on earth to be achieved. If the living can follow the principles of Golsol, PARADISE ON EARTH will surely be achieved.  IF YOU WANT TO ENJOY THE PARADISE IN HEAVEN, THEN LIVE THE GOLSOL PRINCIPLE OF PARADISE ON EARTH.  PRACTICE THE PARADISE OF GOLSOL.

CARING is not a CHOICE in Golsol. It is a MUST. Caring for all is a law in Golsol. Caring as a law must be enforced to make life good and better for all (young and old),  (men or women). Caring, if applied in all aspect of life, will bring out the good in the living. It will enhance betterment both in organizations, in associations, in planning, in government, in education and in religions. It will absolutely shape our way of life for the best. It will make international peace a possibility. CARING will make the PARADISE ON EARTH possible if made Mandatory to all.Not caring; an attitude displayed by almost all human being is the reason for broken marriages, child abuse, bad leadership, intentional wickedness and deprivations, woman abuse, lawlessness, radicalism and extremism, jealousy and hatred, poverty and hunger, lack of stability in all things and most especially lack of peace and harmony in the universe. Not caring is a dangerous diseases that must be cured from the heart and mind of the human race. It is a disaster to co-existence and appreciation. It is the purpose of war and disorderliness. It is the reason why today oppression and greed exist in almost all work of life.

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