Running a company is not for the faint-hearted ones. Besides spending a significant amount of resources on business strategies and operations, entrepreneurs are required to fulfill legal compliance, from company registration, accounting and bookkeeping, to other business administration which can be a hassle that involves a lot of paperwork and going to-and-fro between different entities. These procedures should be stepping stones for a business to get moving rather than taking up a big part of the attention of the entrepreneurs when there are better things to do in growing the business.

Foundingbird is a digital company secretary that does company registration and hassle-free business administration via a dedicated dashboard for companies. Upon signing up, the company registration with SSM through your company dashboard can be done within 2 days. All legal documents will be stored safely in one centralized document storage for easy retrieval and usage. Next, you can apply for a corporate bank account, set up the payroll system for employees, get a coworking space, etc. through the dashboard, all in one place.

Focus on your business. Let us take care of the administration.