FountainHead – 1.) a chief source of anything 2.) a principal or original source 3.) a person who originates 4.) a spring from which a stream flows.

We at FountainHead are committed to bring “our readership” the small business, Entrepreneurs and seasoned business professionals a positive message and important information based on strategic business tactics and valuable tips and tricks of the trade.  We value our readership and want our readers to become more knowledgeable of what it takes to be successful in business from our vast resources of information that we have gathered from start to success.  

"FountainHead is no doubt your main source for business objectives and consultation."

The FountainHead is a monthly periodical that has been formulated for the small startup, Entrepreneur and business professional business that need restructuring, and the team of professionals who work for them.  We will publish the latest business News, Finance/Funding Sources, Technology, Business Branding/Identity, Marketing Strategies, Corporate Real Estate, Business Legal, Business Travel, Corporate Style and Fashion Do’s and Don’ts, Healthy Lifestyle,  Entertainment Business, Business Social Networking, Business Strategies, Corporate Insurance, Charities, Business Travel, Promotions and Events, Internet Social Media Advertisement/SEO tips, and The FountainHead Emporium.  In addition to our selection of helpful topics and business objectives, we will feature the professional and their profession in every issue.