Music has always been my true passion. My youth was spent not only listening to mainstream music, but also listening to college radio, discovering new bands, and going out to support live music and local undiscovered talent. Some things never change. My enthusiasm and love of music remain as strong as ever.

While my background is accounting and management, I found what made me most happy was leaving the corporate world to utilize my energy and passion in the music business, so I dove in to lend a more formal supporting hand to those who could use my varied services. My business background is not wasted, as it helps me every day in what I do, which is:

•     PR
•     Band, artist & record label promotion
•     Booking
•     Managing
•     Event planning
•     People-connecting with regard to booking gigs, obtaining endorsements, and creating/furthering artist-to-artist and artist-to-gear manufacturer relationships, etc.

I do it all with enthusiasm, energy, and integrity. I value what you do. I want to see you succeed. And if for some reason I can't help you, I will find someone who can. -- Susan Russo

Susan is "top shelf and a triple threat of PR, Social Media and Networking,"... "knows how to get the brand out, whether a guitarist or band."  - Jim Felber, Artist Relations, D'Angelico Guitars

"Susan Russo is a "jack of all trades" ("Jacqueline of all trades"). For the last two years she has done everything for me and my company -- from helping me with my new website, to promoting my live gigs and publicity for my last two CD releases. I’ve been doing this for decades from The Hudson Brothers to Aerosmith, and it's always tough to find somebody you can trust with your career and your art. Susan has never let me down, and her people skills always make me look and sound better than I really am. She is always up on all the facts and has the instincts of a fortune teller. She is like a manager, a publicist, a promoter, all wrapped into one human. When you work with Susan...you're working with the 'real deal.'" - Mark Hudson, Grammy-winning producer/songwriter (Ringo Starr, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osborne, Celine Dion and more)

"she is focused with a vision. She sees and hears an artist as they see themselves and gets it. That's why she is great to work with to further advance the careers and dreams of those who put their trust in her. I'm a fan." - Michael Ciro, Multi-Platinum and Gold record award-winning musician and producer, Musical Director for Grammy-winning artist Alejandro Sanz

"understands artists and our lingo and she's comfortable in the unique world we work in and shares the same passion for it" - Brian "Nucci" Cantrell, Drummer with the English Beat (Dave Wakeling)

"eats, sleeps and breathes music practically 24/7. She works tirelessly to take each task to its maximum potential, no matter the size or scope"- Dale Krevens, Vice President, Tech 21 USA  Inc.

“a great networker and constantly finds unique opportunities to promote new artists. A music lover first and foremost, she supports musicians and gets them the much needed help they need in a crowded market.” - Steve Grantley, RT-Zed, and drummer for punk legends Stiff Little Fingers

"Susan is a highly-dedicated publicist who is personable, achievement-oriented, and highly conscientious when it comes to communication on all levels. One of the main reasons I work with her is that she comes from the heart and really cares about her clients." - Chandra Lynn, Founder/Marketing Strategist, Glow Marketing LLC