Fourdesire started developing games in iOS, Android and Windows Phone since 2012, with an ambition to use games to solve real global problems, like healthcare for example. The first game we ever developed, Plant Nanny, has helped over a staggering 2 millions users worldwide to keep drinking water regularly.

Honestly, when was the last time you checked if you’re drinking enough water each day? If you haven’t tried this super cute app yet, over one million people can tell you that you’re missing out! Aside from Plant Nanny, we’re currently focusing on innovating other amazing and exciting products.

The team members of Fourdesire come from everywhere. We have different expertises, skills and abilities, but we work together closely. We all have open mind and believe game can change the world.

We see Fourdesire kind of like a chemistry lab, where we mix our curiosity, open-mindedness, love for sharing, designing, and unconventional thinking to create products with purpose to improve the life of others. In other words, we’re a pretty crazy but cool bunch with a big heart and a lot of ambition!

Small Step – Great things are made by taking small and thoroughly thought-out steps, like playing with Legos, where one small block can change the whole structure radically. We admit we’re a pain in the butt when it comes to small details, but the perfection of the end product makes it all worth it.

Great Achievement – Products made by Fourdesire are always unique, original and outstanding (Note: We’re not just saying this because we think we’re cool but countless customers have told us so! We swear!). We believe our achievements will propel us to further develop more great products, so stay tuned!