The professionals at Lean Practices work with manufacturers, distributors, and service providers like construction and healthcare, delivering lean solutions that transform the enterprise. We mobilize the ingenuity of all your people to eliminate the activity that your customer does not value enough to pay for. We show you how to make what is of value “flow at the pull of the customer.”  An engagement with Lean Practices can pay back in weeks, and sustain for a career.

Results for a Wide Range of Industries
Any business that has customers, clients or patients can be transformed by Lean Practices. The well-known examples are manufacturers, who transform materials into products. Even more dramatic results are seen in businesses who transform information into decisions, and those who transform relationships and services into transactions.

Scott Culberson, the lean enterprise leader at Lean Practices brings over 25 years of international experience in development, total quality, P&L management, and lean consultation. This includes continuous processing, discrete assembly, and transactional processes at Hoechst, Michelin, Trelleborg, PPG, Ingersoll-Rand, and Tier-1 & -2 suppliers to Honda, Toyota and “the Big Three.”

Scott is a chemical engineering graduate of Clemson University, with lean certification from University of Michigan.

He specializes in making production and quality systems work for you each day rather than you becoming their servant at audit time.

Listed below are Lean results that Scott Culberson’s clients have enjoyed from engaging his services:
>> From 10% loss (8 prior years) to break-even in 1 year - no capital investment
>> Doubled throughput, increased labor productivity 50%, reduced defects 99%
>> Re-deployed ISO-TS to make it relevant
>> Increased net earnings by 50% of sales with zero capital investment  
>> Conversion from push to pull, reducing raw material inventory by 80%
>> Improved defects by 97%, supplier non-conformance by 99%+
>> Decreased inventory by ⅔ and raw material stocks by 50%
>> Reduced space used by ½  - brought new revenue adding business  in the space
>> Reduced lead time by 90% via simple visual management and FIFO with “blocking”