High Connexion Italia works in the realm of internet services distribution, consulting, mobile apps and software development, especially in industrial area.

all-in-one hardware devices (FoxBox);
SMS/MMS/e-mail gateway;
mobile App (iOS, Android, Windows);
software development consulting;
applications and web sites;
advanced support;
WhatsApp™ Engagement.
High Connexion Italy is qualified in "System integration" operations: Customer's systems integration into the "world" of the mobile technologies.

Integration works case history:
Sending SMS campaigns to the contacts within the customer's CRM database;
SMS/WhatsApp™ receiving system integration into the customer's backend;
Development of "mobile POS" payment systems and integration into customer's App;
Gesture recognition system integration into the customer's LedWall;
Development of SMS/WhatsApp™ brand-user engagement systems.