The world’s best private and secure social network
... which rewards its members

New in 2011, FramilyJet was founded by social networkers who recognized the security problems with today's existing social network offerings and wanted to provide consumers a solution.

If you want to enjoy social networking, but you're concerned with privacy and security then FramilyJet is the place for you. FramilyJet’s unrivaled security ensures you have a safe place to share exactly what you want, when you want and with whomever you want. FramilyJet's FriendsFamily social network is an advertising-free, subscription-based social network designed to give you maximum control over connecting and sharing online with friends and family in a safe and private space.

The monthly subscription fee ensures  members can own and control all their online content in an advertising-free setting. And, in recognition for members' contributions to growing the network, FramilyJet offers them a $1 recurring monthly reward for every friend they refer who joins.

With FramilyJet,  social networking privacy and security go hand and hand.