FranCulture Magazine, is a fresh purpose driven publication committed to showcasing the heart behind the big business of franchising.  

We are committed to going beyond what you thought a magazine could do.  How it can move people, grab their interest, educate them and engage readers using video, audio and one of a kind imagery.

FranCulture Magazine, leverages engaging features available with digital publications such as audio and video features for interviews and sponsors.  The publication also uses digital technology to easily share reader ideas along with apps for easy viewing in order to build up industry communication internally and better explain what franchising is to those outside the industry looking in.

The FranCulture Magazine, is split into three sections in order to engage the three main reader groups.  The publication opens with a Franchisor focus sticking to technology, sharing of new ideas, best practices and other stories geared toward Franchisor education and inspiring stories.   The second section is for those seeking to become a franchisor with a focus on mastering systems, branding, legal questions and case studies from businesses on the path to starting their franchise business model.  The third section wraps up the magazine with those looking to become a single-unit or multi-unit franchisee.  The, Become a Franchisee, section features heart-felt stories, questions you should ask, industry resources including the IFA website and other valuable articles that layout what franchising is, how it works and how to leverage it.  

“Simply put, we are for the love of franchising.  What it does for so many who are a part of the industry.” Ashley Graham, Founder and Editor who continued on to say, “my goal is to showcase the heart behind the big business of franchising, share ideas in an engaging way like adding in audio and video features for interviews and to educate those who are looking to join the industry on both the logical side and emotional side of how it all works.  Current single-unit and multi-unit franchisees will be a huge part of the publication as well.”

FranCulture Magazine, began January 2013 with the first issue published digitally on March 14th 2013.  The publication is released the second Thursday of every month.