Franke Foodservice Systems is a world leader in meeting restaurant
operators’ needs for innovative kitchen facilities, equipment
and supplies. We are committed to two primary activities. First,
our traditional core activity as a full-system manufacturer/distributor
markets directly to global quick-service chains and helps
them to manage unit growth and updates to facilities around the
world. This includes outfitting new or renovated kitchens as well as
fulfilling restaurants’ daily resupply needs for replacement equipment,
utensils, supplies, and spare parts. Second, as an original
equipment manufacturer (OEM), we sell innovative equipment to
all types of foodservice operators through an extensive network
of distributors.

As a manufacturer/distributor, we expertly manage facility projects,
including new or remodeled kitchens; manufacture a portion of the
equipment for these projects, and buy/consolidate the balance; and
provide rapid, efficient distribution of resupply items.

As an original equipment manufacturer, we develop and manufacture
innovative products that address specific operating challenges in areas
such as air-based and water-based sanitation, kitchen ventilation, energy
management and frozen food and condiment dispensing.