The anthology is the brain child of Dennis O'Rourke, one of the authors, who also acted as in-house editor of the project. Dennis, together with Robbie O'Connell, Frank Emerson, Harry O'Donoghue and Seamus Kennedy, has put together a group of stories that are just as unique as the five-way partnership.  

There have been memoirs of musicians before. However, there has never been anything quite like this. Engaging, revealing and intimate, you'll feel as if the fellows are talking right to you. Stories you want? Stories you get. And the best part is that they're true!

Written in the unique style of each musician, this is a book of personal experience -short, often humorous stories about that life; the bars and the club owners; the audiences and the occasional brawl; the hotels, the oddball characters met along the way; the guitars, the women and the music. In effect, the reader would be eavesdropping on a group of entertainers sharing road stories backstage.

These are the types of stories that musicians tell to each other when their paths infrequently cross.  It is a rare thing to get a group of players together to put out a piece of work such as this. The painstaking process of writing and assembling took five years, as they made time to jot their stories down, flesh them out, edit and re-edit and finally come up with a finished product.

Providing a further look into what makes these performers tick, scattered throughout the book are insightful interviews with each author called "Stray Chats".

You'll find out exactly what's boiling with Clean Cabbage in the Bucket, who exactly is Charles Beauregard Finnegan. You'll see how to come clean in The Soap Creek Saloon, nearly get blown away by The Tornado, and get a little Bawdy in New Hampshire. Those are just some of the adventures related.

It has been said that the Irish/American pub scene is the last vestige of Vaudeville. It stands to reason that these Irish-American performers are the last of the Vaudevillians. They know that the show must go on. They love what they do for a living and are thankful to be able to do it. This shows in their writing.

There is a pride and a gratitude that shines through - even in the hard times.  That these fellows have survived over thirty years, and succeeded, in what is a rough and tumble business is to their credit. That they are willing to share a good number of their best reminiscences - touching, funny sad and everything in between – is a rare find.

CLEAN CABBAGE IN THE BUCKET And Other Tales From the Irish Music Trenches is available where the fellows play, over the Internet at their individual sites, at the Clean Cabbage site, as well as in selected bookstores. For more information and to read an excerpt, go to To buy, click on the "products" link. Scroll down thru the excerpts and click any of the Pay Pal or Buy it Now buttons. It's only $25 – which covers everything -  to get a copy autographed by Frank Emerson