Wire meshes in stainless steel, expanded and microexpanded metals, perforated sheets, conveyor belts and filtration elements are the main products through which the company meets the requiremeents of quality, service and personalization submitted by the end users to partners in their technological evolution.
Expanded Metal and Wire Mesh are used in the recovering of existing buildings or applied in the new ones, adapting the civil and industrial buildings with projects which give them a new “light”, a new “skin” and a new “vitality”.
The new concept of modern architecture involves “must” such as movement, free action and remarkable volumes, using materials able to merge and combine each other.
Fratelli Mariani SpA, always careful to the respect of the regulations in force, invests in research and development of products that are eco-sustainable and effective in energy-saving. It is now member of the Green Building Council. MARIANItech® products, manu-factured with fully recyclable raw materials, are now leader in the new projects accordingly to the most updated environmental laws and they give an important contribution in the CO2 emission reductions being natural sun screening elements for the buildings and also reducing the relative electrical consumptions.