Founded in 2004, IntelligentBuildings® provides Smart Building and vendor risk management consulting, remote site solutions, and managed services for commercial, corporate, campus, healthcare, and government real estate organizations. We help our customers enhance the experience, increase productivity, lower costs, and reduce operational risks.

The only company exclusively focused on Smart Building management consulting and services for strategy, design, performance, and risk management.

Since 2004, gold standard customers in Fortune 500/Corporate, REIT, Government/Military, Healthcare, and Campus.

Worked in 85 cities in North America, Australia, and Singapore.

Consulting on billions in new development and customers with over 6 billion square feet.

Award-winning work including: “Smartest Building in America”, globally modeled smart community public-private partnership, largest energy analytics project in North America, and national Smart Building standards for both the U.S. and Canadian federal governments and thousands of cybersecurity site assessments and innovative online contractor health-risk screening and coronavirus exploitation phishing prevention.