XbyMe started with a spark of inspiration…giving people the power to mobilise and inspire their social networks. To that end, we have built the world’s first Social Capital Exchange™ - a new friend-to-friend marketing platform that disrupts the £70bn digital advertising space.

We believe there is a different way to the superficial and transient way that digital display advertising works today and the poor returns it delivers, e.g. Google at 0.25% click through. XbyMe transforms digital society to make engagement with a brand positive and invited to be part of people’s everyday ‘digital’ lives – leading to click through rates of over 2%.

The Value Proposition
Our first product is Free2Give™ and gives people the freedom to do good, everyday, for free.

Free2Give brings together brands, good causes and people together in a new refreshing way, activating our personal network to become advocates for the brands we like and at the same time, transform the giving experience: £11bn UK annual giving market value and £150bn in the US.

Consumers swap the latent value in their social messaging (email, sharing a web page on Twitter etc.) for brand support. This creates a daily advocacy channel, turning loyal fans into a brand’s best sales force, heard by those most open and receptive to hearing their message – endorsed to friends, family and followers, many times a day. Earned media such as this has proven to dominate the consumer purchasing process.

Free2Give subscribers can expect to generate £2+ each month for the good cause they select, all without having to put a hand in their pocket or change their daily behaviour. For brands, in addition to a better advertising ROI, they also gain a halo effect on their sales: 22% of people will switch to brands that support a charity and 37% prefer a brand that makes charitable donations. Similarly, good causes gain substantially – a new, recurring revenue stream at zero cost (compared to 50%+ for shops and chuggers), plus engaging across the demographic, especially the customary ‘lazy giver’ younger generation.

The Experience
When a person becomes Free2Give, their messaging and sharing over the Internet is transformed. We do this with an iconic image: Nzo. The champion of giving, he signifies tangible value and with one click by the recipient, a donation is made to the cause and they are taken to the web-landing page of the brand.

Once the desktop or mobile app is downloaded, Nzo will automatically hop into the 10+ emails we send each day or when sharing a web page on Twitter, Facebook or Google+: representing 25% of their traffic. Recipients will see Nzo on any connected device.