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  21st Century Lebensborn Children Screaming to be Heard

Children Screaming to be Heard was registered as a charity by Maggie Tuttle after witnessing the abuse of children in the care system this along with research and speaking to parents and grandparents throughout the UK also interviewing in the early hours of the mornings the homeless people and many were abused in the care system of which British Governments and Minister state "In a child's best interest"

September 1998 Maggie organised the first conference in the world on the side effects of Hormone Replacement therapy which was a drug prescribed legally that was killing women, the conference attracted the attention of world media with Doctors from Egypt America India etc  at their own expense travelled to be guest speakers in support of Maggie's research which included The Lebensborn Program with a book then written by the well know author Martin Walker (H.R.T.Licensed to Kill and Maim)

July 25th 2014  Maggie organised a conference to let the world know children in care are a multibillion pound industry with many children abused in care, this conference attracted the attention of social workers legal people and media. On the day of the conference a Russian artist Albina Koumirova produced to the world her paintings depicting the child abuse of children in the care system, as one painting can be seen on the front cover of the book now released
"21st Century Lebensborn Children Screaming to Be Heard" written by the well known author Timothy Spearman.  

Child abuse is the continuation from thousands of years but in the 1930s from the Lebensborn Program in Germany it is absolutely amazing as one can read in this chilling book of the experiments abuse and murder of women and children all with the blessing of Adolph Hitler and his world famous saying "In a child's best interest" and it was Mr Himmler who organised the SS now refered to as social services with the  continuation of the fostering and adoptions all from the Lebensborn Project which included Ernst Rudin a Psychiatrist who was head of the Eugenics society and instigated the experiments and sterilization of women and children along with murdering untold thousands of children who were also in the Nazi care system and still are in the  21st Century Lebensborn Children Screaming to be Heard  and still children are being mind controlled by the SS the psychiatrists and psychologists who are the court experts with all stating    
"In a child's best interest"



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