Many students are afraid to learn English. There is also a lack of good teachers and schools. Those that are available are very expensive.

Savitri Web Based Free Global School for All from Ajmer has solved all these problems.  Now learn from their iClasses that are free for all. Each iClass replaces a class lecture and is 45 minutes long. Many iClasses on one subject form a series.

Learn from our English for Hindi speaking students - start with capital and small alphabets, common words, days, months, colors, nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, use of a, an and the, how to write a sentence, how to write a letter, how to write an essay and much more. And all this for free. No need for credit card number or any other info. Just share the link with others that they too can learn. And that too is free for all. Click on link below or go to Youtube and search for guru gyan ajmer


Want to learn not in Hindi but in English only - go to youtube and search for wisdom center ajmer

Any problem - email us at dranup@live.com

Happy learning!