Free From Issues is a Calgary based online organization dedicated to helping people learn more about themselves and how to live a better life. This isn’t about teaching or telling people how they should live. Instead we offer people information, knowledge, and support to help them decide for themselves how they choose to life. The primary elements that we use to do this are the Free From Issues Blog, The Free From Issues Podcast "An Amazing Life Is Within Your Grasp", and the "Dealing With Your Issues" guide on our Website.

We pride ourselves on the fact that the information we provide is both Free and complete. We don’t offer an introduction to the information and then make people pay to get the rest. Nor do we skimp or race through the things we offer and discuss. Everything we do is provided in as much detail as is appropriate to the topic being discussed and the location. Blog posts are meant to be smaller segments of information (about one full page of text), whereas Podcasts are set around 10 minutes in length.

The podcast episodes are recorded in one complete segment "as is" with very limited editing (if any). We feel this helps to convey our understanding of the topics we present, as well as ensures what we offer is "real". Each month we also offer live seminars in the Calgary, Alberta area and plan to expand that into online seminars and events in the near future (to accommodate all of the people outside of Calgary).