Free Global Classifieds is about giving everyone a chance to advertise their products, services etc. freely. This is a new classifieds site entering the classifieds arena. The site is a place where sellers can meet buyers and buyers can meet sellers for just about anything that can be bought or sold. If a seller would like to have better ad placement there is a nominal fee, but there is no fee to actually post ads. There is no risk because ad placement is free! There is nothing to lose and everything to gain for customers. The site has many different categories and subcategories that are not found in other classified sites. This makes this site unique. If a city or state is not listed and someone wants to advertise there it is a simple matter to have the city or state added.  And as more ads are placed new categories will be added to further broaden the advertising space. This business is just beginning and there is much room for growth. It is necessary for some people to post some free ads just to get the site going. Any ads posted are very much appreciated. I repeat, any ads are welcome and appreciated. Thank you. The goal of the site is a global free advertising community for sellers and buyers.