Thanks for taking time to view my profile. In short, I like to convey to prospective clients that for as long as you've got your act together, I'll give you a high level of commitment that is driven by a passion to creating lasting impact, regardless of your size. And because I've been self-reliant for so long, I'm constantly thinking ahead to anticipate problems, and to apply a sound process at every milestone to keep everyone on the same page in order to make marketing the engine of growth that it should be.

My interests and specializations? Big picture. Branded narratives. Creative strategy and engagement. And of course, content. I'm interested creating a big splash for companies that want to compete--especially with new technology. Think: big ideas to connect the dots through all media to make content and marketing more measurable. And let's face it, just about everyone wants more accountability and ROI. If you don't, you're probably in the wrong businesses.

My work includes close consulting and support for one-off projects to full-fledged product launches, branding and campaigns for local to global clients. I'm extremely data-friendly, have a nose for research, love brainstorming and collaboration; interested in re-inventing traditional and non-traditional approaches, and willing use any tool, case study or best practice at my disposal to challenge any size competitor.

Feel free to read through the pages of my website to get a feel for who I am and what I do, and if you think this might be a match and you have a budget or unique proposal to work with, we can talk at length about my creative services and ways that I can help you take things to the next level.