Freelife Media Group is a Cincinnati, OH based company that focuses on music production, artist development & management, TV & film scoring and audio engineering.  The company was founded by Eddy J. Free, a graduate of California Institute of the Arts, who's composed music that's been featured on television shows nationwide including MTV's "The Real World", and has produced music alongside platinum producer Kayo (LA Face Records and R&B group The Deele).
Stephen T Harris brings a wide range of experience and knowledge to Freelife, having worked in both radio and record retail management.  He's been praised by industry professionals for his understanding and awareness of modern business trends in music and he hosts a radio show, 'Outing The Music Industry', where he gives the ins and outs of the industry and answers questions artists may have about getting heard and building successful careers.
Rounding out the leadership of Freelife is Reggie Johnson, nephew of Kayo (platinum producer for LA Face Records).  Reggie's time spent in the studio and around superstars from a young age helped him develop a keen ear and sense of what it takes to make a star.  He is a talent-scout,  A&R and deals with artist management and development.
For inquiries or for more information, visit our website, www.freelifemg.com or email us at mgmt@freelifemg.com.