FMd. FREEMAN david | Artist | Film-maker | Writer | Photographer | Musician
Born: Reading, Berkshire, England 26th March 1969 Lives: Moustoulat, Monceaux sur Dordogne, Corrèze, France

On the morning of Monday 6th December 2010 Reading born and disillusioned 41 year old A/V account manager David Freeman handed his notice into his employer and walked away from what he describes as a cage of fools and ivory towers “The moment I left that place I became a free man and in doing so became artist and creator FREEMAN david. I had sold my my house five months earlier to help finance the development of Quercus Circus and the £10,000 Golden Acorn commission. My next step was to move to France where I could assemble all of the elements to the application and complete the editing of the four films and the folk tale animation.”

Inspiration & Creation In the 2004 FREEMAN purchased a couple of old Super8 ciné cameras and began shooting experimental short films, a few years later moving on to a digital HD equivalent video camera. “I was completely hooked by the multitude of ways it was possible to manipulate digital footage with modern editing software. Absolutely anything was possible, even with the ability to manipulate pixels frame by frame. The initial idea of Quercus Circus came to me as just a short film idea after watching Michelangelo Antonioni’s film; Blow-Up, which is about a fashion photographer who unknowingly witnesses a murder through the lens of his camera. The idea of blowing up footage to such a scale that you are able to see individual film grain or pixels and look at information that would normally be missed by the naked eye is fascinating.
It was in 2009 when I stumbled across an old copy of Kit Williams book ‘Masquerade’ published in 1979 the book was based around an intriguing treasure hunt, the story was about a hare loosing a golden amulet, accompanied by the most amazing illustrations by artist Kit Williams. The final ingredient to Quercus Circus hit me later that year when I was reading an article about some of the urban myths about the Beatles, one in particular was about the alleged death of Paul McCartney and the subliminal messages contained within some of their album covers i.e. Sergeant Peppers and Abbey Road confirming his demise.

These three pieces of inspiration were enough for me to develop a remarkable app which promises to stretch the mind and imagination. Computer based games and apps are limited by two things; the processing capacity of the device used to play them and because they are contained within the display you use to interact with them. Quercus Circus has no such limitation, because your own mind becomes the micro processor and your imagination the display.