The Free Open University programs are directed, documented, independent study program that meet or exceed all published accreditation requirements with exception of instructor qualifications and class size.

Independent study has no instructors other than the author of the textbooks and published materials and therefore does not meet class size or instructor student ratio requirements.

While your learning will exceed that of all major universities, the certification of knowledge that you receive from us may not be regarded as a degree by certain institutions.

All course materials are easily obtainable and many courses have free open course-ware available but some may cost money to purchase. We do not sell course content. If we have access to it and can provide it without violating copyrights, we will provide it to you for free. If the best source of course content available are textbooks, there is a list of copyrighted textbooks that you can use. Not all copyrighted textbooks can be used because those evaluating your work must have access to some information to accurately evaluate your essays.

The list of 13,000 textbooks that make information freely available to permit evaluation is available and each course on the server that includes a textbook link is one of those courses.

If you can not afford textbooks, an entire program can be done without any textbooks purchased. Please let me know if this is the case and I will set up your program that way.

Once your program is set up, you will be given specific information to write your essays on and access to all the information needed to write those essays.