We are a software development company who create unique solutions to a variety of problems. Freestyle Software has two main product divisions - Freestyle Joomla and Freestyle Media. We are responsive to customer enquiries - if you have any ideas for new products, please let us know. We are a small company based in the UK and have developed our products through identifying gaps in the market as consumers.

Freestyle Joomla is a division of Freestyle Software that develops a range of modules for the popular CMS system Joomla. We came across a problem when trying to find a support module for Joomla when creating a website - we couldn't find one! So we decided to make our own, then thought you could benefit from it too, so we created Freestyle Joomla as a division of Freestyle Software.

Freestyle Media is a division of Freestyle Software that develops software for the home entertainment market. Freestyle Media Centre is designed for those people who run PC's on their TV's, it automatically organises all your media including films, TV, music, photos and games - it then automatically adds artwork, ratings, descriptions and detailed information for each of your files.

Freestyle Media also have another product called Freestyle Gaming Centre designed to organise games on your PC and play them through your TV.

Freestyle Media Centre and Freestyle Gaming Centre both use highly advanced technology to search, identify, display and play all your media. It can handle even the largest media collections without effecting the speed or efficiency.