The French Bear Company is a proud to be locally owned and operated by two passionate and driven women each with their own unique gifts and talents. Our CEO & Founder brings her family recipes featuring our signature bears to our clients – delighting each person who tastes them upon the very first bite. (And since chocolate is involved – what’s not to love?) The simple pleasure that comes from enjoying one of our products is at the very heart of why our company was created and continues to grow today.

Helping to raise four of your grandchildren is a labor of love; when three of them are faced with the challenges of Autism, you must work to find the gifts presented to you each day. Our CEO found that her family recipes quickly became a source of shared laughter and joy in her home that everyone could rally around.

For our COO, her gift is in helping bring these wonderful products to market and spreading the word about all that we do. Her passion for the “business side” of the French Bear Company is the perfect complement to this delicious partnership. Ultimately, both women have the same dream. We both want to bring joy, laughter and love to our clients and guests and do good things for our communities. Welcome to the French Bear Company!