First a little background on me. I live here in central Florida, originally from Minnesota. I worked up until 2 years ago when I finally retired. I got busy with some of the activities here in the mobile home park where I live. Since I now had a lot of free time, I committed myself to the tap dancing group and I could make a solid comittment. But...as time went on, so did the weight. When I saw a commercial on TV in which Valerie Bertanelli tried to lift a 40 lb pumpkin. She couldn't even lift it, either could I. What a wake up call. Now I was about 20 lbs overweight, but just to think about the impact those 20 lbs were making on my body. Especially with tap dancing (knees, feet, legs, hips etc). As you very well know, the older we get, the older our supportive structure gets. You young people, this is important to you while your young, whatever stress you put on your body now, will only weaken it prematurily. So I had a choice; loose 20 lbs now or ignore it and later have to loose 120 lbs. What choice do you thing I made? I started Medifast on November 19, 2009 and by January 17, 2010, I had reached my goal and had lost the 20 lbs. Did it make a difference in the way I felt physically...OH YES! Did it make a difference emotionally...OH YES!  I was so impressed with this program, I became a Health Coach. I read somewhere "that giving in it's purest form, asks nothing in return". The rest is history.

My role as a Health Coach is critical to our nations health right now. Record numbers of Americans are at risk of illness from a glut of cheap, sugary, fat-laden processed foods. People struggling to get healthy must navigate through misinformation, dangerous diets and drugs, and a food industry with quick profits-not enduring health-as its goal. No wonder so many are stressed out, working longer, sleeping less and losing quality-and quantity-of life.

Health Coaches provide the total care and support that people need to move towards Optimal health. They coach, educate, encourage and mentor people who are using Medifast products and following the specific protocols for safe and rapid weight loss followed by transition and long-term weight management. Health Coaches offer long term solutions for people's weight management challenges and other health concerns. No one else delivers the kind of personalized attention that Health Coaches provide, one-on-one, friend-to-friend

I know you probably don't want to see these statistics, but it must be addressed. The most recent population stats indicate that 66.7%, or two-thirds, of U.S. adults are overweight or obese (34% are overweight and 32.7% are obese). The burden of obesity also affects our youth, with 17% (2-19 years) are at risk of becoming overweight and 18.2% of children currently overweight. Causes of obesity are; Increased calorie intake, high fat diet, physical inactivity and reduced Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).

Obesity seriously affects health and longevity, and is likely to surpass cigarette smoking as the number one cause of preventable death in the U.S. Obesity has been established as a major contributor to five of the ten leading causes of death in the United States: Coronary heart disease, certain cancers (e.g. breast, colon), stroke, diabetes mellitus and atherosclerosis.

Okay, now that you know what part I play in this, now is the time to talk about the Medifast plan. First and foremost, we do not call this a "diet", rather, it is to be referred to as a "Medical Plan". Medifast does deliver faster than most a quick weight loss. We can do this! Why? Because Medifast meal plans contain ALL or 100% of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to support itself while loosing the weight. Loosing weight is one benefit, but there are more. My friend Chris who started me on this program had her cholesterol checked after 2 months being on the program. She started out with a cholesterol count of 264. The results of her blood test showed a drop of 100 points in her cholesterol levels. These are the kind of testimonies coming from people on Medifast. In addition to cholesterol levels, Medifast is also bringing down the blood-sugar levels in many of us. These testimonies and more are found on my website.

Two things I'd like for you to do; 1) Go into my website, it will give you the information you need to make a sound decision in your quest for weight loss, 2) Call me to discuss any questions or reservations you may still have. That's what I am here for.