freshbenies bundles modern concierge health benefits that save busy Americans time, money and frustration...all at lip gloss prices!

Like what?

Tele-health:  Your 24/7/365 Dr. BFF
It’s like having a best friend who’s a doctor!  Did you know up to 70% of medical issues could be solved over the phone?  Call anytime, consult with a U.S. doc & get a prescription written, if needed.  No additional cost….no kidding!

Dental Discounts: “Give Good Smile!”
Get amazing discounts on everything from cleanings to braces to whitening and more at over 92,500 providers!

Vision Discounts:  See and be seen!
We see your future, and you’re getting the hookup on everything from brand-name eyewear, LASIK, contacts, exams (BTW, you look hot in your new designer frames).

Pharmacy Discount:  Get Your Drug On (Sale!)  
Have an Rx drug that’s not covered?  Save an average 38% at most pharmacies nationwide including CVS and Walgreen’s.

Medical Health Advisor:  Your friend in the insurance industry!
Confused and frustrated by medical care, paperwork, insurance…”the system”?  Take hours off your “to do” list by calling your personal Advisor to figure it out for you!

Medical Bill Saver:  Get the real deal!  
Medical bills, bills, bills….who can keep it all straight?!  Just send them to your new Advisor, they’ll organize it all AND try to negotiate a discount (even if you have insurance!).  Now, that will save you time, money and frustration!

Safe Identity:  Keep you, you!
Don’t pay more to guard your family!  Our premium service searches thousands of databases for suspicious activity and calls immediately if potential fraud is found.  We also help to resolve ID theft should it happen.

Legal Services:  “Not Guilty!”
High legal costs?  We object!  Free basic services and consultations and you’ll get the hookup on more complicated needs.  And you SO need to take care of that speeding ticket you got last week.  Case closed!

Roadside Assistance:  Car trouble?  NO trouble!
Flat Tire? Dead battery? Out of gas? Need a tow? Keys locked in your car? Call us toll-free 24 hours a day and someone will be there to help.

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