Why Organic?
8fc0339abf6a11e389280002c9c928a8_81. Organic foods have no chemicals. Synthetic chemicals are not so good for you or your peeps! Also not so hot for our water supply.

2. Organic foods are more nutrient dense. Why are you eating? Because food is fuel, right? Want to look better, feel better, live longer and run the marathon? Or just get out of bed?

3. Organic foods come from nature, not the laboratory. Our bodies kinda like real food. That is unprocessed, and naturally-occurring. Just the way it works. No genetically engineered Frankenstein fodder. By the way, GMO plants are banned in over 60 developing countries. Read the memo!


4. No anti-biotics or growth hormones in organic foods. Save the antibiotics for the doc. These are not intended as one a day vitamins. They kill the good bugs in your gut. And growth hormones? How big you wanna be? Fast-forwarding animal growth is freaky.

5. Organic food tastes better. That’s because the plant has more minerals in it that make it taste like something. And it’s amazing how it improves the flavor when you don’t spray toxic chemicals on the food. Really.