The Law Offices of Tina M. Barberi, PC is a Fresno based law firm that is dedicated in obtaining the best defense for our clients in Central California. With over 15 years of experience, we have successfully defended thousands of clients in state felony, misdemeanor, and traffic courts. When you retain our criminal defense firm, we will ensure you obtain the best possible outcome for your criminal, traffic, or DUI case in Fresno County, California.

Our criminal, DUI, and traffic law firm stands out when it comes to fighting DUIs, suspended licenses, reckless driving, battery, assault, petty theft, shoplifting, domestic violence, and speeding, and commercial truck driving matters. Our primary goal in defending you against criminal or DUI charges is to keep you from receiving a conviction. Our attorney will discuss your case with you and ensure that all legal defenses are explored. We will then take a proactive approach to fighting the prosecutor and the court on your behalf.

If you are charged with a DUI, it is important to seek an attorney that is recognized with the “10 Best” award for exceptional performance by The American Institute of DUI/DWI Attorneys, as well as nationally ranked Super Attorney from NAFDD. Ms. Barberi is also a member of numerous prestigious legal education associations in the field of drunk driving and criminal defense, such as the National College for DUI Defense, California DUI Defense Association, and American Bar Association.  By contacting our office, we will request a DMV hearing for you, free of charge. We want to make sure you are on the right track and by helping you obtain a DMV hearing so you have an opportunity to explore your options before retaining a lawyer to represent you in court.

Our office does not stop lending our service to those that are facing criminal charges. We will do what is necessary to clear your criminal record as well. If you were previously charged and convicted of a crime, we will work hard to get the charges dismissed or expunged from your record.  We understand and incorporate the criminal laws to help, not hinder, you when attempting to obtain employment, higher education, or even if you just do not want to be labeled as a criminal any longer. We will use all the tools available to obtain expungement or Proposition 47 relief for you.

At a free consultation, you will be able to see what sets us apart from other law firms that charge large fees but offer no solutions. We are here to help you through a troubling time, not compound your problems. At your consultation, our lawyer will discuss your case and counsel you with straightforward advice that will lead to positive results. We will not offer you false promises or attempt other tactics to coerce you into retaining our office.

When you are seeking to retain a quality attorney with an exceptional track record, you will be assured you made a right decision by contacting our DUI and criminal law firm. We will make sure you receive quality representation at a rate that you can afford. Please contact us or call (559) 447-1240 for a free confidential case evaluation.