Never again wonder “who” left your Facebook’s friends list!

San Francisco, CA – September 20, 2012 – As Facebook is becoming an increasingly popular service, their users enjoy connecting with friends; old and new, family members and long lost relatives. As the number of friends on Facebook increase, more users find it challenging to keep track of changes to their friends list.
FriendLeft is a FREE service, which will notify you by sending you a private email message when your friends leave Facebook, delete you, rejoin, and accept your friend’s request. You no longer have to wonder why the number your friends has changed by 1 or 2 or…

FriendLeft will not share your information or friendship activities with any individuals or entities. Furthermore, when you sign up with FriendLeft, none of your friends will get notified.

To sign up or to learn more about FriendLeft, please visit www.FriendLeft.com