Gardeshgaran Group
Friendlyiran is incoming department of Gardeshgaran Group that has more than 20 years of experience in providing tours to travelers from all around the world. We’re not only a company, but also a family that good to know in this great service industry, the quality of services, expertise and customer care must be primary or even the main goal.

Our company has 3 branches. Gardeshgaran Shiraz (first office) and shahr-e-raz (second office) are specialized in tour and providing travel services while Gardeshgaran Sarv (the third office) is a tourism and hospitality institute.

Our first and second branches have three departments:
* Domestic tour and flight:
Finding new destinations that suites different tastes , handling short trips and one day tours at weekends to different parts of Iran within a full package or just one or some services such as flight or accommodation based on travelers request , are of the things that Gardeshgaran group domestic team do .
*Outgoing department: our staff in this division , provide travel packages to different parts of the world and also seasonal tours to all major cities of countries like Turkey, Dubai ,Malaysia ,Thailand and also European countries. Schengen visas issuance and Costa Cruise tours are our other packages and services that we have in this department.

Incoming tour:

in this part we host those travelers who want to travel to Iran and support them from the time; they decide to travel till they leave Iran. How? We have a large number of Iran itineraries that covers all aspects of Iran in different parts of this vast country. Also, we keep our customers updated about the latest news and information which is necessary for travel to Iran .we give services to our client as full package that include visa, accommodation, guide ,all transfer ,domestic flight although we provide other services as visa and tailor-made tour.

We do our best to introduce you” the best of Iran”.
Let us know your plan; we will take care of the rest and provide you an incredible travel.