Frisomat is a Belgian construction company specialized in the development, production and assembly of industrial buildings according to 9 building systems.

Each system is made of prefabricated steel components who fit together as a giant meccano set. These cold profiled components are made of galvanised High Strength Steel. Cold profiled steel combines an exceptional strength with an optimized use of materials.

Since 1978 Frisomat is continuously innovating cold profiled steel as the structure for its industrial buildings. Thanks to the relative low weight export is possible anywhere in the world. Export generates 80% of Frisomat’s turnover.

Meanwhile, Frisomat has 14 branches across Europe and Africa, and 2 production plants (Belgium and Romania). The different building systems are designed and developed in house and 400 employees are set to work.

All children grow, as do small companies. What started of as a small, family founded corporation, evolved to an international company. Today, our main office and development centre are located in Belgium, near one of the biggest ports of the world. Our two production sites (Belgium and Romania) ensure the highest quality. 13 local, fully integrated sales and engineering offices, offer you the best service and the closest contact. These local offices know what you need. They are part of the Frisomat family. One big oiled network, working together to offer you the best. Just like the cogwheels of an exclusive, Swiss watch.

At Frisomat, all good things don't come in 3's, they come in 2's.

Innovative steel constructions!
It only takes 2 to assemble a Frisomat industrial building. Two trained Frisomat technicians with the same skills, training and material. Subcontractors or third parties are kept out of the loop. How? Easy. Thanks to the innovative use of cold rolled galvanized steel. The result? Lightweight yet extremely robust materials, joined together as a giant meccano-kit.

Tailor made innovative steel constructions!
Every Frisomat building has 2 sides. All industrial buildings are built from innovative standard, prefabricated parts and profiles. With plenty of room for personalization. All parts can be combined. The result? Almost limitless possibilities.

Personal innovative steel constructions!
The same rule of 2 goes for the communication. All contact between Frisomat and its customers are channeled through a single, dedicated contact. He or she guides you all the way. From design to construction you know who to talk to!

Doing everything ourselves has another advantage. We provide you with a detailed and correct offer. No surprises. The final cost is known in advance. We guarantee it.

Thanks to the integrated development and production chain, Frisomat offers you peace of mind. A comfortable thought.

Breathe in the atmosphere of hard work, valuable and useful goods, important materials, a comfortable shelter, office or production site.

Whatever the destination, Frisomat designs, produces and constructs a building that fits your taste and requirements. Every project comes with a detailed, ready to use plan. Obviously all in compliance with your local regulations and requirements.

Thanks to the modular, prefabricated parts and structures, the possibilities are almost limitless. And the evolution does not stop! The Frisomat engineers and R&D-facilities guarantee continuous innovations. New products, applications or adjustments are part of our vision. Continuous innovation is part of our culture.

When choosing a solution you deserve the best. The best solution, the best quality, the best service. To guarantee the best, we choose a unique path: the “in-house”-strategy.

By doing almost everything ourselves, we can control, manage and steer the whole process.  More than 90% of your industrial building has been produced by our employees. From metal sheet to a finished building. We take care of every step.

Every single employee all over the world is trained and guided according to the highest Frisomat requirements. A highly specialized family. At your service.

An Frisomat industrial building is produced in line with the highest Frisomat standards. After all, you deserve the best. Producing your structure roughly requires 4 steps:

   * Flattening the coil
   * Punching the steel
   * Rolling the profile
   * Cutting the profiles

Structure, wall and roof claddings, sandwich panels, everything is produced according to the highest demands. Every step of the process has built-in quality checks. Before packed, every component is checked and approved.
Innovative, quality steel components. Our pleasure.

Steel is heavy. Weight is expensive to transport. A high price to pay. Frisomat's innovative cold rolled steel is lightweight. The unique profile of the elements guarantees an unseen strength-weight ratio. Lightweight but extremely solid.