Frita's Cuban Burger Cafe Opens on Southard Street in Key West's Historic District with the goal of bringing the Cuban flavors of the "Frita" to Key West, Florida.
Just steps from the famous Duval Street, Cuban street food is served from the outdoor mobile grill, under one of Key West’s most magnificent bougainvillea trees and tasty beverages and baked goods are created within a historic conch house under the close scrutiny of local wild roosters.
The Frita is a heavenly burger with origins in 1930’s Cuba where they were considered a native street food. They are a mouthwatering blend of beef and pork burger seasoned with Spanish spices, topped with a special sauce and crispy fried julienne potatoes, all sandwiched on a Cuban bun. Salty, savory, sweet and crunchy.
After 25 years of owning and operating Boston Cigar Factory, with the help and influence from Cuban friends, and food ventures to Cuba,  owner and purveyor Marcia Weaver celebrates sunsets and the Frita in Key West.
The decor at Frita's is influenced by another famed latin icon - Frida Kahlo - where the art on the wall reflect her style and of course her famous unibrow!