In this new world, simplicity and flexibility are critical factors. We created Friye™ to be as simple as asking it “how do I” and the app finds the answers and kindly speaks them back to you. Every person learns differently, so the information is delivered through sound, text and pictures. A Friyer (user) has total control over the speed at which the information is received offering the flexibility to suit the needs of a wide range of learning abilities.

Friye™ was created to offer step by step audio instructions and provide hands free guidance on how to do just about anything. The platform is set up to interact conversationally with the Friyer (user) and either describe a specific task step by step, tell a story, or ask questions and evaluate answers. The learning experience can as move as fast or as slow as the Friyer desires as they are in total control. Friye is always patient and will repeat and go back as many times as the Friyer needs. Subject matter presented in Friyes can be as complicated or simplistic as they need to be.

Friyes can be automatically translated from just about any language into just about any language. Though it will never be a perfect translation, it does allow people in one country to create an experience that represents their culture that can now be experienced in another place. Imagine being guided by a Japanese master chef on how to make the perfect Sushi roll the way a Japanese man would make it in Japan. Or build your own clock guided by a master clock maker that only speaks German.

Friye™ can help us break down cultural barriers allowing us to experience cross cultural things, helping us to appreciate and value everyone on our planet a bit more regardless of what disputes our political leaders may be experiencing.