The ‘Frog’ is a revolutionary, versatile camera dolly that incorporates a lightweight, 3-D printed body and innovative control system.

With over a decade of film production experience, we at Frog Productions are continually striving to improve efficiency, adaptability and versatility of our equipment. Through our experience we observed a gap between professional high-end equipment and hobbyist grade equipment. Most dollies on the market today are either costly and cumbersome or woefully inadequate. Frog Productions is breaking new ground and closing this gap with innovation.

After many months of development, multiple iterations, extensive testing and fine tuning, we are proud to present the Frog Dolly! Lightweight, portable, durable and incredibly versatile, the Frog Dolly uses a cutting edge 3-D printed body made possible through a strategic alliance with Zeni Kinetic, a leader in the 3-D printing industry.

The Frog Dolly utilizes an innovative circuit board typically used to communicate with stepper drive systems but instead ours controls a higher power, lighter weight servo motor. This innovative approach will be used in the 3-D printers being launched by Zeni Kinetic as well as in the Frog Dolly. This gives our little dolly the same precision and control over your camera movement as the incredibly precise motion control that allows a 3-D printer to create with such detail. The circuit board provides increased precision, power, efficiency, speed and quieter operation (all vital factors in film production) in aremarkably small package. This has allowed us to scale down the size of the Frog Dolly without sacrificing the balance and power necessary to masterfully transport and control even a substantial cinema camera.

The volume required to cost effectively manufacture this board, as well as purchase other radio and electronic components at a competitive price are the primary reasons we are offering the Frog Dolly as a crowd-funded campaign. We are turning to you, the film-makers and photographers of the world, to realize this project. This will give us the ability to wholesale purchase materials and offer an incredible price on a powerful tool to assist you in your creative pursuits.