A few years ago, Juan had an idea about freezing liquor after seeing someone at a party use a Popsicle as a drink mixer.  During the time his idea went from the drawing board to prototype, Juan realized he needed to understand more about the beverage industry. So, with his entrepreneurial flair peaking, he bought into a small beverage distributorship in Doral, Florida, and his journey with Bev-Co began.

It wasn't long before Juan realized the growth potential at Bev-Co needed a steady operational hand, which is when he re-connected with his old friend and former business associate, Fermin Perez, Jr., whose extensive background in retail and beverage operations helped Juan grow Bev-Co into a $6 Million operation.
In 2005, Juan entered a business plan contest for one of Florida’s major newspapers. His business plan won a Gold Medal but, more importantly, his plan became the template for World Frost, Inc., and his thoughts about freezing alcohol were realized in his fabulous new product, FROSTSHOT®-  The Frozen Liquor Shot…  

While Juan concentrated on FROSTSHOT® flavors and formulas, Fermin, now Chief Operating Officer of World Frost, Inc., focused on organization and sales & marketing that rapidly resulted in World “Frost's” footprint on the International map as he established the critical Import-Export distribution channels that were needed to introduce the “Breakout Spirit Product” to the world.

To help Fermin manage the rapid growth, he quickly reached out to one of his former business associates. As with all companies, Information Technology and legal issues became a priority and Fred Cohen was earmarked for the task. The technical brains behind the brawn of FROSTSHOT, Fred’s years of experience in Business Systems, High-Tech Operations, Hospitality, and Management Consulting brought years of organization and a process-oriented leadership to the growing World Frost, Inc., management team.

Recent attendance at industry trade shows in the USA, Mexico, and United Kingdom resulted in FROSTSHOT® being awarded multiple Gold and Silver awards that confirmed its outstanding taste, quality and product innovation.
World Frost, Inc., has continued its rapid expansion by adding world-class domestic and international importers/resellers to its growing list of business partners to handle the explosive expansion and demand for FROSTSHOT®. In addition to the already impressive list of FROSTSHOT® partners, World Frost, Inc., is currently negotiating exclusive import agreements for Costa Rica, Trinidad-Tobago-Grenada, Dominican Republic, Austria, Australia and Netherlands.