FRSecure's Services:

Information Security Assessment
An independent and objective assessment of your current information security program.

We have a keen understanding of practical information security in business, not just theory and academics. FRSecure personnel average more than 10 years of direct information security experience. The reasons for conducting an information security assessment range from just wanting to know where you stand, to satisfying compliance requirements. FRSecure information security assessments are specifically customized to meet (or exceed) your objectives and provide you with valuable, actionable information. Most of our information security assessments are based on the ISO 27002 international standard

Penetration Testing
An active evaluation or assessment of your information security controls.

You have taken the time and spent the money in an effort to protect your information assets, but how secure are you? How effective are your controls? The only true way to be sure that your controls are effectively protecting your information assets is to test them. Expert engineers who understand current, real-world threats conduct our penetration testing services. Before we start any penetration test, we take the time to understand your goals and objectives and then customize an approach to maximize your value.

Information Security Program Development
Cost-effective and customized information security program development that reduces risk and improves efficiency.

In order to maximize your information security investments, you need to take a formal, risk- based approach. FRSecure has developed cost-effective information security programs for companies of all shapes and sizes, public and private, in a variety of industries. Over the years we have gained a tremendous amount of experience, and this experience has led to principles that guide each one of our information security development projects. Most organizations know that they need to something in regards to information security, but don’t have the expertise to implement a program themselves.

Business Continuity Planning
Planning that keeps your business in business if bad things happen.

The wrong time to find out that your business continuity plan is ineffective is when you have to use it. Good business continuity planning keeps your business up and running through interruptions of any kind; power failures, IT system crashes, natural disasters, supply chain problems and more. FRSecure business continuity planning has helped our clients avoid disaster when disaster strikes.

Information Security Management
Leverage years of expertise without the tremendous expense that can accompany it.

An information security professional on par with those employed by FRSecure can be costly and unaffordable for many companies. After factoring in salary, benefits, bonuses, and office space, an experienced information security professional can cost as much as $180,000 annually.

FRSecure saves our clients money by using our proven approach to information security management.

Incident Response
Professional assistance in helping you respond appropriately to an information security

Any good information security professional will tell you that it is impossible to stop all threats to your information security assets. Realized threats must be detected promptly and responded to systematically. A poor incident response can be more costly than the incident alone. FRSecure has responded to hundreds of incidents, which has led to minimized financial impact, improved processes, and thorough investigations leading to civil and/or criminal prosecutions.

Training & Awareness
Effective training and awareness programs proven to improve employee compliance with your requirements.

Another fact; people present the most significant risks to your company’s information assets.

Poor information security practices are a common cause of breaches. One of the best
investments you can make in regards to information security is in the area of employee training and awareness. FRSecure has developed and delivered over a thousand hours of information security training for our clients.

Legal Expert Witness and Testimony
Making a case is difficult enough, but making a case without the right expertise is nearly

We are not lawyers, but we help lawyers understand information security related matters and decipher the facts involved in their cases. We help lawyers win cases for their clients.