In the fall of 2016, a young University of Colorado student named Daniel Kwolkoski began noticing a disappointing trend occurring throughout the apparel industry. With each visit Daniel made to a local skate shop or other apparel store, he realized that the variety of clothing options seemed to be decreasing with each passing trip, and with the decrease in variety, a decrease in quality became clearly visible.  Instead of finding unique, creative designs, Daniel instead found himself lost in endless “advertisements” - shirts that simply featured a logo. Even with the emergence of thousands of small clothing manufacturers worldwide, there was still a complete focus on turning the consumer into an advertisement, and Daniel realized that America was in danger of losing its greatest cultural trait - individuality. The days of creative, original, and personal pieces of clothing have past, and America has fallen into the “dark ages” of apparel. But with your support, The FU Collective is here to ensure that individuality and culture is instilled in the apparel we wear everyday.

In the spring of 2017, Dennis Zeissner, a fellow CU student, joined the team as an active partner, and ever since The FU Collective has been hand-printing all of its products right here in Colorado. The original goal of The FU Collective was to provide the world with the creative, affordable clothing it so desperately needs - but with bad business comes great opportunity. After moving production in-house, Dan and Dennis noticed that many of their fellow students, friends, and relatives were being RIPPED OFF by our custom printing competitors. Clubs, Fraternities, Sororities, and basically anyone else who had been ordering custom clothing in our area was being charged 3-4 times as much as they should be paying! In response, The FU Collective began offering high-quality, handmade, custom individual and bulk apparel orders - at the best price in town. Thanks to The FU Collective, anyone who wants to now turn their idea into a single shirt, or complete a bulk custom order for their organization, can do so at an affordable price.

The FU Collective stands for honesty, integrity, and loyalty to our customers - but it does not stand for bad businesses who completely disregard these characteristics. That is why The FU Collective only partners with small retailers, and refuses to do business with the likes of Wal-Mart, Zumiez, and other corporate bloodsuckers. At the core of our business lies the relationship we have with our customers and local community - putting people before profits. And to those who do otherwise,