From examining projects, to matching with professionals, to selling parts and services, Fuel2Electric is making it easier to convert your vehicle.

To accomplish this, Fuel2Electric has developed innovative tools to help car enthusiasts and EV conversion professionals to meet and understand each other. Fuel2Electric evaluates projects, and guarantees project exposure to professionals in the USA and Canada. We manage your orders and proposals, charging very low fees.

From our Co-founders

"The conversion to electric is for enthusiasts and those who believe that gasoline is no longer the best option. We must put in place tools, ideas and solutions enabling people to electrify their vehicle, from anywhere with or without technical knowledge, in complete safety and with complete confidence.

That’s why we here at Fuel2Electric dedicate our time and our talent to growing the community and developing features to facilitate access to EV conversion in the USA and Canada. By educating and facilitating the connection between project owners and professionals, folks can focus on what they love to do: hitting the road safely."