Managing your fleet’s fuel, whether it’s a single aircraft or 10 aircraft fleet, can be frustrating at times.  There are probably times when you wish you could just pass off the tedious job of contacting FBOs, searching for the best prices, filling out fuel releases, etc to someone else.  Fuel Managers understands that feeling and that is why we have come up with a highly successful method to ease your pain.  Fuel Managers has taken the chore out of the entire fuel purchasing process by assembling a team of highly trained fuel experts to find you the lowest fuel price at any destination.

Fuel Managers finds you the best price anywhere and at anytime.  We organize the entire set-up of the fuel for your aircraft.  And you save valuable time and money.

Program Advantage

-       Incredible fuel savings on average of $.50 per gallon.

-       We handle all negotiations, fuel releases, and audits for no hassle services.

-       NO monthly fees, NO hidden fees, NO service fees, NO fees!  We don’t get paid until you save.

How it Works

-       We research each fuel stop along your flight plan.

-       We negotiate and finalize a better than listed fuel price for you.

-       We then submit the fuel release for each leg of your flight.

-       You receive your invoice with all your discounted fuel purchases.

-       Simply send us your routing information, and we take care of the rest.


-       No monthly fees.  We only get paid if you save.

-       We find and book all fuel releases for you.

-       24-hour assistance.  If it’s a last minute flight we’ll be there.