Instantly "push" your breaking news, advertisements, announcements, logo, images and so much more across other websites. Less expensive than magazine ads. "Better than email."™

With fujiBot you can

   * capture non-traditional advertising space.
   * place your message directly in front of the consumer.
   * remotely control web links, graphics, movies, text and more.
   * benefit from your existing and future relationships.
   * create your very own advertising or communication network.
   * start a viral marketing campaign.
   * maintain Top Of Mind Awareness (TOMA).

What is fujiBot?

fujiBot is a powerful cloud based communication tool for sales and marketing professionals that requires no cookies, browser plug-ins or software downloads.

fujiBot is advertisement free.

fujiBot is 100% transparent to the viewer.

fujiBot respects everyone's privacy and does NOT insert cookies or use any sort of spyware or malware.

fujiBot was made by thoughtful caring human beings who love cats. When you contact fujiBot you are communicating with thoughtful caring people.