The Fulgham Law Firm, with a lead attorney who is a former prosecutor, defends the rights and freedom of men and women who have been charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses in Fort Worth, Texas. Residents of Collin County and Tarrant County know which firm to call when they are in trouble with the law. The firm also protects victims’ rights; the skilled personal injury team at the office is dedicated to justice in all of its forms, whether in court or in negotiations. Attorney Fulgham’s strengths are evident in his work: he is a dedicated, hard-working, well-informed and resourceful professional who knows what it takes to win a case. Each case is given his full attention as he methodically conducts a thorough investigation of the facts. Learn more about the firm by perusing their Fort Worth criminal defense site at http://www.fulghamlaw.com/ or their Fort Worth personal injury site at http://www.fortworthinjurylawfirm.com/.